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The first surf and snow lifestyle brand to be created!

The company was established in 1952 by a young man called Jack O'Neill who was a surf addict and wanted to brave the elements. "I just wanted to surf longer" ("Je voulais juste pouvoir surfer plus longtemps").
In the fifties, wetsuits did not exist. He therefore surfed wearing waxed animal skins, a method which didn't prove to be very efficient. He later developed Neoprene suits and was the first to produce cold-resistant suits. These were the world's first surf wetsuits.
O'Neill also invented the leash which attaches the board to the surfer's foot.
In his garage in San Francisco, Jack had created the first surf shop in the world. Later he opened a second one in Santa Cruz. 

Although much has changed since its humble beginnings, Jack O'Neill's initial vision – of producing functional innovative articles – has continued to inspire people, and makes it possible for everyone to live their sporting passion, on terra firma or in the water, in a safer more comfortable way.

His motto: "Three most important things in life, Surf, Surf, Surf!"