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As the epitome of glamour and well-being, Triumph has revolutionized fabric and styles for more than a century. It lingerie collection, renowned for its quality materials and elegant lines, magnifies femininity with poetry and sensuality.


Let us give you a few fun facts and figures that indicate how much sloggi and sloggi for men are appreciated in the world. Since sloggi was launched in 1979, it has sold more than 1 billion pieces. If we aligned all the packets sold in a year, they would stretch for about 12,000 km, which is the diameter of the earth. If we consider the production of raw materials, we produce a football pitch of cotton every 84 minutes. Better still: every 60 minutes roughly 812,000 km of yarn are produced, which is the same as a return trip to the moon. And if we consider the consumption of elastics, we could run it round the earth 750 times. Sloggi: an essential brand for extraordinary figures.